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Designinig and running outdoor activities for children

During March 23 to March 29, 2013 the Environment Initiative Center will run the Gruntdvig workshop “Designing and running outdoor activities for children” (2012-1-RO1-GRU13-23966), funded by the European Commission through Lifelong Learning Programme financial instrument.

The project aims to teach adults how to blend the outdoor activities (playing in open spaces) with the educational ones, as to develop and deliver more attractive services for children (either education, or sport, or tourism, or social care etc.)

Applicants from the EU 27 member states or Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Croatia, Switzerland, Turkey are invited to submit their applications, using the forms below, by February 03, 2013, to the email address

Please note that the participants’ group will comprise a maximum of 10 people, no matter the nationality, age, gender, believes they have. The cultural diversity is an advantage we intend to take profit of. We welcome people aged over 18, working or wishing to work with children, staff / volunteers in organisations working with children. Parents, tutors, social workers.

The workshop language will be English.

Please note the orientative agenda is as follows:

Day 1:  Get to know each other, building trust, grow slow but firm as a team  Exploring needs and expectations Terminology “Nations’ table” where each participant is expected to bring representative products that can be shared (food, drink, songs, dances etc.)

Day 2: Formal vs. informal learning – traditional learning and learning by playing approaches, with strengths and weaknesses Learning style  – Which are and how they can help on outdoor animating.  What is an outdoor animator? Animation projects, games, activities, involvement in projects and working in groups

Day 3: How to build an animation program? Respond to the needs of children / young people, empower not impose. Nature is the best teacher – methods and materials in nature activities, ecology and sustainable living

Day 4: Organizing an animation programme. Location, logistics, breaks and time-outs, materials, promotion and follow-up Safety and code of conduct Adventure – Types of activities suitable for children

Day 5: What to do and not to do? The most common mistakes and good things in animation Practice makes perfect – final evaluation.

All above-mentioned activities will take place in Transylvania region, Bihor county, either Bratca or Rosia village.

Please let us know if further information is needed, by sending requests via email, using the address

We look forward to learn together, from each others!